Order Quality but Cheap Car Tyres Online with Matfield MOT Centre / Home Base Autos

Order your tyres online with Matfield MOT Centre / Home Base Autos and browse through a full range of tyres from budget to premium brands as well as specialist tyres. Simply enter your vehicle tyre sizes, once booked bring your vehicle to us at the date and time chosen for perfectly fitted tyres. 

Keeping well maintained, roadworthy tyres is not just the preference for your vehicle, it is your legal responsibility. Being the only thing between your car and the road, good quality tyres with plenty of tread are vital to your road safety, handling and performance.

Whilst all new tyres sold in the UK are required to conform to a series of minimum standards, here in Tonbridge we believe that a premium tyre offers the best performance, durability and safety.

Budget tyres are developed with a strict price point in mind, this is reflected in the quality of materials used in their construction to the technologies employed during their development. By contrast a premium tyre will be developed with the intention of creating the best tyre possible, using superior materials and the latest technologies. The results often speak for themselves with premium tyres being harder wearing and better performing.

Mechanic holding a tyre - Tyres Tonbridge

You can order your tyres online using our booking system and they will arrive to us in time for your chosen fitting date. If you have any further questions regarding which tyres to order you can contact us on 01892 723 123 or 01892 722098 or send us a message using our contact form.