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At Matfield MOT Centre / Home Base Autos our servicing technicians have years of experience working all types of vehicle making sure everything is running fault-free. For quality servicing in Tonbridge book online today using our interactive realtime booking system, it’s a quick and effective way to find the date and time that suits you best.

Regular servicing is vital for the ongoing maintenance of your vehicle, it gives one of our experienced servicing technicians the perfect opportunity to get a good look around your vehicle and assess its overall health. It is generally shown that regularly serviced vehicles require fewer repairs throughout their lifetimes and often enjoy the benefits of better fuel efficiency and smoother running time.

At Matfield MOT Centre / Home Base Autos near Tonbridge we offer three levels of quality service, helping you meet the exacting needs of your vehicle.

The Major Service:- Is our most comprehensive servicing option, it features a huge number of checks across the entire vehicle. We will also replace spark plugs, filters and top up all fluid and oil levels across the vehicle. It is recommended that a vehicle receives a major service every two years, in place of your full service for that year.

The Full Service:- Is a thorough annual service that features a large number of checks on the critical components, fluid levels and filters across your vehicle. The Full Service is recommended to be undertaken once a year for the moderate to high mileage driver or every 12,000 miles.

The Interim Service:- Is suitable for high mileage car users who may need a service between their full services. It can also benefit low mileage car users who may find a biennial small service suitable between full services.

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For more information about our servicing options please feel free to get in touch with us in Matfield on 01892 723 123 or 01892 722098 or send us a message using our contact form.