Matfield MOT Centre - Vehicle servicing

Keep your vehicle safe with regular vehicle servicing

Vehicle restoration

Do you want a reliable way to restore the health of your vehicle and keep your car running smoothly for the months ahead? Bring your vehicle down to Matfield MOT Centre and book a vehicle service today. Our experienced team will complete an intense service to guarantee your safety for the months to come. We will check the overall condition of your car, making sure all parts are running fault free. Along with an inspection, our team will change your cars oils, keeping the system well lubricated.

Breakdown prevention

When you bring your vehicle down to Matfield MOT Centre, our team can reduce your chances of breaking down. A service will highlight needed repairs before the fault has had a chance to develop. By completing these repairs early on, you can keep your vehicle driving smoothly for the months to come. Along with reducing your chances of breaking down, our team can reduce your cars running costs. We will restore any faults to the highest standard and work to keep all parts fault free and free from wear. As your vehicle is running smoothly fault free, your vehicle will use less energy to run and cost less in petrol.

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Increased vehicle value

Our team when they complete a service for your vehicle, either every 6, 12 or 24 months will stamp your service handbook. By keeping an up-to-date service handbook, you can add an extra 5-10% on the value of your car when the time comes to sell it. Known as FSH, full service history, these documents are important and valued by potential buyers when the time comes to sell your car. Along with increasing your vehicles value, our team also offer a collection and delivery service for our customers. Able to pick your vehicle up, get the service you require, no matter how busy life is.

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Want to book your vehicle in for a service that you can rely on. When you bring your vehicle to Matfield MOT Centre, our team can maintain and improve the performance of your car. Keeping all parts running fault free, frequent vehicle service can reduce your chances of a breakdown. To book a service at Matfield MOT Centre, use our simple online booking tool or contact our team directly.

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