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Ensure the health of your vehicle’s air-con with a quality air-con service!

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When was the last time you booked your vehicle in for an air conditioning service? For drivers who are needing to conduct a service to improve the performance of their air conditioning, book Matfield MOT Centre. Experienced in completing an air conditioning service to the highest standard. Our team at Matfield MOT Centre promise to keep you cool when behind the wheel during the years ahead.

Gas renewal

Your air conditioning system needs to have a service once every two years. This service is important, keeping the system running to its optimum performance. When you book a service with Matfield MOT Centre, our team will complete an accurate and quality repair every time. During an MOT our team will inspect your system for any faults before replenishing vital gases and lubricants. These gases and lubricants are essential in keeping the system producing cool and warm air. After renewing these important ingredients, our team will complete a bacterial and fungi cleanse. Keep your system clean with a bacterial clean, removing any bacteria that may have built up in the moist vents.

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Reduced running costs

By conducting an air conditioning service on your vehicle, you can reduce your vehicles running cost. When we complete the necessary repairs, your system can continue to drive smoothly. Using less energy to function, your car will cost less to drive, saving you money in the long run on petrol. If you choose to bring your car down to Matfield MOT Centre to repair any newly develop faults, you can prevent the fault from developing even further.

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Want to keep your vehicle cool and remain comfortable when on the road? Bring your vehicle down to Matfield MOT Centre for an air conditioning service that doesn’t make you hot under the collar. We inspect, replenish and clean your system, making sure that it runs to its full capacity for the years to come. If you are due a service, then look no further and bring your vehicle down to Matfield MOT Centre in Kent. To book a service with our experienced team, use our quick and easy online booking tool today.

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